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A Card Skimmer Is Suspected as The Aurora Family’s SNAP Benefits Were Stolen

Aurora family’s SNAP benefits were stolen (Photo: nbcnews)

A family in Aurora is warning people about having their card information stolen without their knowledge by a card skimmer. 

Card Skimmer Is Suspected as Aurora family’s SNAP benefits were stolen (Photo: CNN Business)

The family believes they were victims of a card skimmer, which is a device on card machines that obtains your information when you swipe during a normal transaction.

In the recent published article by FOX 31, food stamps, a necessity for this family, were the focus of the card skimmer. They are given an allotment each month, which covers their food budget for that month.

“We can’t prevent everything. We simply live in a world where this is becoming more common, but we can try to protect ourselves,” the mother stated. That is the warning from the Aurora mother, who requested privacy. Her family is eligible for SNAP benefits. They bought groceries earlier this month, leaving a balance for the rest of September.

“I tried to go back on Sunday to get food for the Labor Day barbecue, but it was turned down,” the mother added. She checked her phone to see how much money was left on her SNAP account. “Right in front of my face, I saw it loading so you can check your balance, and it went to zero,” she stated.

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She took charge of the situation where their family SNAP benefits were stolen by a card skimmer, figuring out how to avoid it from happening again.

According to Our Community, “download the ‘Providers’ app for food stamps,” she advised. “Change your PIN right before you get your food stamp balance, a large amount.” Changing your PIN on a regular basis.”

The Colorado Department of Human Services also gave all of these tips.

Another advice from the Colorado Department of Human Services: tug on the card machine while checking out at the grocery store. Card Skimmers aren’t adequately secured, thus most of them will fall off if you tap the machine.

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