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Senator Tommy Tuberville Continues to Block U.S. Military Promotions, Says U.S. is Not a Communist Country

Senator Tommy Tuberville continues to block the U.S. military promotions (Photo: Idaho Capital Sun)

Senator Tommy Tuberville has stated that he will continue to block U.S. military promotions until President Biden revokes the abortion policy.

Senator Tommy Tuberville continues to block the U.S. military promotions (Photo: The Nation)

Senator Tommy Tuberville Blocks Military Promotions

According to AL, Senator Tommy Tuberville will continue to block the U.S. military promotions despite the backlash that he got for this statement. Senator Tommy Tuberville additionally stated that he would only go back with his statement if the Biden administration revoked the new abortion law and reasoned that the U.S. is not a communist country.

Moreover, Senator Tommy Tuberville said that he truly meant what he said when he blocked the U.S. military promotions in February.

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Senator Tommy Tuberville Says Processing Military Promotion Would Take Hundreds of Hours

CNN reports that Senator Tommy Tuberville stated in a memo that it would take hundreds of hours to process the military promotions and specified that it would take approximately 700 hours just to promote them individually. However, the pending nominations only grew from 273 to 300 since Senator Tommy Tuberville released the memo.

Senator Tommy Tuberville has repeatedly responded to the criticism he received about his statement that the Senate will take 700 hours to consider the 273, now 300 nominations.

Republicans have also criticized that Senator Tommy Tuberville could be a national security problem as he singlehandedly paralyzed the Department of Defense for months.

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  1. Tammy

    September 17, 2023 at 2:53 pm

    We will be a communist country if Biden gets his way. He still needs to be impeached, were anyone else would have by then. Sick of giving money and equipment to other countries when we all struggle. Pence is another freaking fool. Never ending battle of dumbasses. And I believe Trump has a chance helping fix Ukraine and Russia, but Pence full of hot air. These politicians are destroying us.God help us

    • Willeane Williams

      September 17, 2023 at 8:51 pm

      I bid you God’s speed 🙏 You have my support 💯 To many airheads in government who don’t stand down when they should including Mike Pence and Lindsay Graham

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