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European Southern Observatory Captures a Beautiful Cosmic Wildflower in Space

European Southern Observatory captures wildflower in Space (Photo: ESO.Org)

The European Southern Observatory has captured another breathtaking picture of the cosmic wildflower in outer space.

European Southern Observatory captures wildflower in Space (Photo: Sci.News)

European Southern Observatory Photographed Einstein Cross

According to the Universe Space Tech, Einstein Cross was once again captured by the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory.

A distant galaxy was recently captured by the European Southern Observatory, and within it was an object that appeared to resemble a flower. The space flower is comprised of four white petals and features an orange center that could potentially function as a lens.

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Gravitational Lensing: Enabling Views of Cosmic Wildflowers, European Southern Observatory Explains

SPACE reports that the European Southern Observatory officials have explained what are the effects of the gravitational lensing.

According to the European Southern Observatory’s statements, the effects of the gravitational lensing allow us to see the distant background of the space objects. As a result, the images of the distant galaxy captured by the European Southern Observatory are distorted and magnified.

As a result, the European Southern Observatory stated that the recent photo split the light from the background galaxy into four smudges of light, creating a breathtaking view of a cosmic wildflower.

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