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NeNe Leakes, an American Television Personality, Is Being Sued for Unpaid Rent

NeNe Leakes faces lawsuit for unpaid rent (Photo: oahure)

A process server discovered NeNe, American television personality, and served her with papers she certainly did not like.

The American television personality, NeNe, sued for unpaid rent (Photo: noglaw)

The American television personality is being sued for allegedly unpaid rent on the now-defunct Swagg Boutique.

According to Reality Tea, NeNe, an American television personality, was simply living her life in her $1.8 million condo, which is around 4,045 square feet in size and is not a shack with a white refrigerator. But then the server arrived and personally handed over the legal papers to the American television personality.

Swagg’s landlord stated that the American television personality signed a lease for the property in 2017 and had it extended for an extra year in 2021. The landlord additionally said that NeNe left the store in January 2022 but failed to pay the balance of $22,900.

NeNe, an Amercian television personality, was allegedly informed of the debt but never provided money for payment.

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Due to the pandemic, NeNe, an American television personality, temporarily closed several Swagg stores in 2020. She later reopened the stores to promote “going out of business” sales.

According to Yahoo Entertainment, NeNe told The Jasmine Brand in response to the case, “Gregg [Leakes] signed the lease, not me!” He’s not here, ma’am.” The optics of that remark are… unpleasant. Gregg died in September 2021 after a long battle with colon cancer.

The American television personality has yet to file an official response to the lawsuit in court.

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