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Student Debt Relief Continues to Be A Bipartisan And High-Profile Debate

Strugles of Having Student Debt (Photo: Fabius Maximus)

In a highly publicized and politicized debate over Student Debt Relief, Congress, the Supreme Court, and the president are still at odds about how to deal with it.

Student Debt (Photo: The Libetarian Republic)

The President, The Supreme Court, And Congress Are Still Arguing Over Student Debt Relief

As per the report of The Hill, the hyper-partisan and public debate over student debt relief is still going on between Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court.

Around 17 million college students in the United States are getting ready for the start of the fall semester this week, making these high-level policy discussions cruelly distanced from the gritty, everyday realities of student debt on campus.

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Common Practices Of Universities

Sasha Breger Bush wants to take the opportunity to share a bit about what student debt looks and feels like on college campuses, for she encounters it every day at work.

It is standard procedure for universities, including the one she attended, to prevent students who owe money to the institution from registering for classes, adding or dropping classes, and requesting transcripts and diplomas. Every semester, there are students who enroll in my course a few weeks late because they are juggling their debt to the institution with the date and amount of their student loan disbursements.

Many people in higher education decry the commercialization of education and the transactional, consumerist mindset that many of our students bring with them to campus. One student once told her, “I pay your salary,” when she explained why she wasn’t going to write a study guide for them. Financial worries for students are ingrained in the very fabric of their college experience, with universities frequently serving as models for the pay-to-play system.

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