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Henderson Police Arrest a Woman After Killing Her Boyfriend and Leaving Its Headless Body on The Bed

Henderson Police arrest a woman in Nevada named Devyn Michaels, 45 years old for the murder of her boyfriend named as Johnathan Willette, 46 years old, near Pecos Road and Windmill Parkway.

Woman accused of killing her boyfriend in Nevada (Photo: WMBF News)

Henderson Police Arrest Report

In a recently published article published by News 3, a woman from Nevada has been charged with killing her boyfriend and hiding his decapitated body in bed for his mother to find, according to the Henderson Police arrest report.

Devyn Michaels, 45, was taken into custody on August 15 on one count of open murder and is currently being held without bond.

These allegations are made in the Henderson police arrest report:

Officers received a call from Henderson, Nevada, residence in the 2000 block of Pala Dura Drive at around 8:40 a.m. on August 7 after a lady reported finding her son, Johnathan Willette, dead.

When the police arrived, they discovered Willette in bed without his head. He had ammonia and bleach applied to him; the bottles were right next to him.

Willette’s mother claimed that she last saw him about 10 p.m. the night before, while spending time with his girlfriend, Michaels.

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A Search Warrant Was Executed in Relation To Henderson Police Arrest Report

As per the report of USA News, after the execution of a search warrant, they discovered a bag in Michaels’ bedroom that contained Willette’s identification, truck keys, wallet, Social Security card, and other belongings.

The police were informed that the meat cleaver was missing from the kitchen of Willette’s mother the next day.

On August 15, Michaels had a polygraph exam.

“The examiner advised Michaels that the results showed she had a significant reaction to the question ‘if she participated in any way in the death of Willette,'” the report states.

Willette was abusive to her, according to Michaels, so she allegedly beat him in the head with a wooden stick while he was in bed.

The report continues, “Michaels indicated that she did not want to murder Willette and only wanted to injure him enough to require hospitalization because she wanted him out of the way so she could determine what she could do with her children.

Police questioned Michaels about the possibility that she may not have remembered killing Willette. She declared it “very possible.”

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