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    Australia to Boost Naval’s Long-Range Firepower with New Missiles

    Australia to acquire long-range firepower from the United States (Photo: Australian Defence Magazine)

    Australia to boost naval’s long-range firepower by incorporating missiles that can hit targets up to 1500 kilometers away.

    Australia to acquire long-range firepower from the United States (Photo: Philippine Star)

    Australia to Acquire Long-Range Firepower from the United States

    According to the article from SMH, Australia is preparing to unveil its newest long-range firepower on Monday. The report states that Australia will be acquiring 200 Tomahawk cruise missiles that have a long-range firepower from the United States. Acquiring these new missiles with formidable long-range firepower will make Australia the third country in the world to possess such powerful weaponry.

    The new missiles have impressive long-range firepower that can strike up to 1500 kilometers. With this long-range firepower weapon, the nation will be able to deter potential threats that may pose a danger to Australian territories.

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    Australia Spent $3B for the New Missiles with Long-Range Firepower

    Head Topics reports that Australia spent 3 billion dollars by acquiring new missiles with formidable long-range firepower. It was revealed that Australia spent $2.5 billion for this boost to the nation’s long-range firepower.

    Further, the nation also spent $800 million by purchasing the long-awaited high mobility rocket launchers that are also purchased from the US. It is also revealed that another $50 million will be spent on equipping a Spike Long-Range 2 anti-tank guided missiles.

    Australia believes that the war on three continents has demonstrated the importance of having not just war stocks but also a long-range firepower missile.

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