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Worst Places to Live in Hawaii: You Have Been Warned

Worst Places To Live in Hawaii (Photo: wandereroftheworld)

It may be a destination for vacations and honeymoons, but there are still worst places to live in Hawaii.

Information About The Worst Places To Live in Hawaii (Photo: travelweekly)

According to Money Inc, Hawaii is a lovely place made up of tropical islands that is popular as a vacation destination for travelers. But if people are thinking about moving here, they should be aware of the worst places to live in Hawaii that they might want to avoid.

First on the list of the worst places to live in Hawaii is the Airport, Honolulu, HI, where the crime rates in this area are higher than the national average by a sickening 107 percent and it has increased by three percent over the past year. It is followed by Kalihi-Palama, HI as one of the most worst places to live in Hawaii, since in the past year, the crime rate has gone up by three percent, which is h 84 percent higher than the national average. Among also in the list as one of the most worst places to live in Hawaii is the Waipahu, HI, where according to the National Drug Intelligence Center, the use of methamphetamine is out of control among residents of the city.

That is why if people want to reside in this state, people should be aware and consider the worst places to live in Hawaii.

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It may be silly to list the worst places to live in Hawaii.

According to Only In Your State, living in Hawaii might be awesome, since it has hundreds of miles of coastline boasting some of the best beaches in the world, plenty of sunshine and good weather, endless hiking trails to explore the most scenic parts of the island, and ancient cultural sites. But just like anywhere else, it has its downsides, that is why people should be aware of the worst places to live in Hawaii.

While the state as a whole is extremely safe in terms of violent crime,  but it has quite a bit of property crime occurs here.

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