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Fund for Public Education: Virginia Lottery Brings In $867 Million

Virginia Brings In $867 Million To Fund For Public Education (Photo: pressbooks)

For the year of 2023, the Virginia Lottery is marking a record-breaking surge in their sales.

To Fund For Public Education, Virginia Brings In $867 Million (Photo: Patch)

In the recent published report by Audacy, the Lottery says it generated $867 million in profits to fund for public education, beating its previous record of $779 million in 2022.

The sales for all Virginia Lottery games reached a new record of $4.6 billion, marking a 23% increase year-over-year, which led the lottery to fund for public education. In able for the lottery to fund for public education, there are two significant contributors to the Lottery’s successful sales year, which were the popularity of online games and the large national jackpots (Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots both topped $1 billion several times over the past year ).

According to the lottery Executive Director Kelly Gee, “The Lottery’s business is all about games and excitement, but we also support an important mission: generating funds for our K-12 public education,”.

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For the first time, the total of Virginia Lottery games sales had exceed to $4 billion, which resulted for them in achieving a record-breaking $4.6 million which made them to fund for public education.

According to wfxrtv, as per to the Virginia Lottery, who will to fund for public education, there were different things contributed to the company’s success, such as the new feature that allow players to easily cash their winning tickets. The lottery has initiated a mobile ticket cashing service, allowing players to scan and redeem winning tickets valued up to $5,000.

The Virginia Lottery Board, who will to fund for public education, has also expanded their involvement in regulating and licensing mobile sports betting and casino games all over the Commonwealth.

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