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A Failed Robber Caught in the Trash Bin by Ohio Police

VacationLand Federal Credit Union (Source: VLCFU)

When Huron police discovered a man in Ohio dropping from a bank’s drive-thru ceiling into a recycle bin and attempting to rob, they arrested him.

Tristan Heidl (Source: Huron Police Department)

Dispatched Ohio Police Caught the Attempting Robbery

From the reports released by the Law&Crime, a call regarding an alarm going off at the VacationLand Federal Credit Union was made to dispatch shortly after 2:00 a.m. When police got on the scene, they reportedly inspected the bank’s outside for anything or anyone unusual. The Huron Police Department has released body camera footage of police searching high and low before allegedly hearing unusual noises coming from the bank’s drive-thru section. The sounds, which can be heard on the body camera film, resemble someone strolling inside a business vent while wearing heavy shoes or heels.

One of the responding cops claimed that he camped out next to a recycling bin that had been placed next to the drive-thru’s ceiling access point. The body camera captures the moment the access-point flap swings open a few seconds later. After waiting for about a minute, a backpack, two legs, and finally a fully grown guy fall into the recycle bin from the access point.

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Ohio Police on Operation

The cop can be heard yelling at the subject, later identified as 27-year-old Tristan Heidl, “On the ground, mother fucker.” After getting caught, and is then seen bowed down in despair. Heidl had to be dragged to the ground by officers from the recycling bin. “Who is accompanying you here? a police officer may be heard inquiring. Heidl claims, “It’s just me.

Huron Police Chief Terry Graham told WJW Fox8 that this was the first occasion in his more than 35 years of law enforcement that he has witnessed a suspect fall into a trash can. “He did enter the bank and make attempts to unlock multiple cash-containing compartments. And gets nothing at all.

According to jail records, Heidl was detained and booked for safecracking, possession of criminal instruments, and breaking and entering. Heidl had a rucksack full of construction equipment, according to Huron police.

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