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California Thief Pocketed Over $500K For Selling Wine that He Stole

It has been revealed that someone in California was able to sell a significant amount of stolen wine, earning over $500,000 in illegal profits.

California thief pocketed over $500K for selling wine (Photo: The Business Journal)

Thief Stole Wines Worth $1,000 a Piece

The potential criminal offenses involved in the booze cases could range from the illegal distribution of fraudulent bottles to the execution of fraudulent Ponzi schemes, demonstrating the grave nature of the situation.

A wine store in the bustling city of New York found itself in legal difficulty, as it was discovered that the establishment owed its customers a staggering sum of approximately one million dollars. In response to this startling revelation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a thorough raid on the premises of Sherry-Lehmann Wine and Spirits.

Recently, a thief, whose identity is still unknown, broke into the Lincoln Fine Wines store in Venice, California. The perpetrator drilled into the wine cellar from above and stole wine bottles worth a staggering $600,000.

As per the reports published by the Los Angeles Times, the daring thief managed to pull off the heist in a span of three and a half hours. The means through which the thief was able to bypass the security alarms and gain access to the premises from above still remains a mystery. The robbery was quite a lucrative one as the thief managed to get away with 75 bottles of wine, each of which was valued at a minimum of $1,000.

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