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A Woman Claims to be the Powerball $1B Winner: Is She the newly-made Skid Row billionaire?

Powerball Winner
Powerball Winner: Is she the new billionaire? (Photo: The Mirror)

A 30-year history of the game Powerball has finally made another billionaire after three months of drawings without anyone taking the prize. Winning of $1.08B ticket was sold at Las Palmitas Mini Market, a tiny convenience store near Los Angeles’ Skid Row.


Mini-Market Owner

Nabor Herrera, owner of a mini market THAT sold a $1B Powerball ticket (Photo: KATU)

California Lottery, Powerball, Has Made Another Billionaire

A small convenience store in Los Angeles has been revealed as the location where the winning $1.08B Powerball ticket was sold.

The owner of the aforementioned convenience store, Nabor Herrera, said he did not realize he’d sold the winning ticket until Thursday morning when he arrived from work and camped out in front of his tiny shop.

The shopkeeper of Las Palmitas said he plans to use his $1B bonus to expand his shop, and perhaps have a vacation along with his family to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

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Is She the Winner?

A surprising video emerged of a woman, wearing a black cap with a denim jacket and bright green leggings, crying and hyperventilating at the Las Palmitas convenience store two days after the winning ticket was drawn.

The California woman struggled to speak through her tears and collapses on her knees at the doorway to the store at one point. “I can’t. I’m scared.” She says as she’s trying to break away from the reporters and spectators.

One journalist asks, “Are you the winner?”, the woman tearfully replies “Yes” before running down the street while being pursued by the reporters to get more answers.

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California requires lottery winners to reveal their names when they claim prizes, in addition to this, the winner has up until 1 year to claim the enormous Powerball prize.



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  2. Naomi

    July 27, 2023 at 12:56 pm

    The woman ran down the street into a BMW. Reporters asked if they could see the ticket. Lol.

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