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Eligible SNAP Households Receive Payments via EBT Card: What are the Payment Schedules for SNAP Benefits for 2023?

Payment Schedules for SNAP Benefits for 2023 [Photo: WTVY]
Payment Schedules for SNAP Benefits for 2023 [Photo: WTVY]

The payment schedules will begin on August 1, 2023, for the four states Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and Alaska the other states begin issuing payments throughout the month of August. Qualified SNAP households will receive their payments via EBT Card.

Eligible SNAP household can use EBT Card to buy nutritious food [Photo: Forbes]

Eligible SNAP household can use EBT Card to buy nutritious food [Photo: Forbes]WTVY]

What is SNAP? Read the Payment Schedules for SNAP Benefits!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP Benefits, formerly known as Food Stamp Program, are funded by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS). It is a program that provides monthly funds for food to eligible people so they can afford nutritious food essential to health.

The SNAP benefits program will follow the same payment schedules from month to month with the exact date varying from state to state. The only qualified SNAP household will receive their payments via electronic benefit transfer card or EBT card. It works similarly to a debit card. According to a statement from the Department of Social Services, the EBT card can be used for online purchases of food items, grocery stores, convenience stores, and farmer markets.

The first four states that will send out SNAP benefit payments to the qualified household are Vermont, Rhode Island, North Dakota, and Alaska. All of the payments will arrive on August 1, 2023. The other states including the District of Columbia begin issuing payments throughout the month of August.

According to Rachel Schilke, below are the schedules of payment for each state:

  • Alabama: August 4-23
  • Alaska: August 1
  • Arizona: August 1-13
  • Arkansas: August 4-13
  • California: August 1-10
  • Colorado: August 1-10
  • Connecticut: August 1-3
  • Delaware: August 2-23
  • District of Columbia: August 1-10
  • Florida: August 1-28
  • Georgia: August 5-23
  • Hawaii: August 3-5
  • Idaho: August 1-10
  • Illinois: August 1-10 and older cases August 1-20
  • Indiana: August5-23
  • Iowa: August 1-10
  • Kansas: August 1-10
  • Kentucky: August 1-19
  • Louisiana: August 1-23
  • Maine: August 10-14
  • Maryland: August 4-23
  • Massachusetts: August 1-14
  • Michigan: August 3-21
  • Minnesota: August 4-13
  • Mississippi: August 4-21
  • Missouri: August 1-22
  • Montana: August 2-6
  • Nebraska: August 1-5
  • Nevada: August 1-10
  • New Hampshire: August 5
  • New Jersey: August 1-5
  • New Mexico: August 1-20
  • New York: August 1-9
  • North Carolina: August 3-21
  • North Dakota: August 1
  • Ohio: August 2-20
  • Oklahoma: August 1-10
  • Oregon: August 1-9
  • Pennsylvania: August 3-14
  • Rhode Island: August 1
  • South Carolina: August 1-10
  • South Dakota: August 10
  • Tennessee: August 1-20
  • Texas: August 1-28
  • Utah: August 5, 11, and 15
  • Vermont: August 1
  • Virginia: August 1-7
  • Washington: August 1-20
  • West Virginia: August 1-9
  • Wisconsin: August 1-15
  • Wyoming: August 1-4



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1 Comment

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