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Mitchell, CSC Treasurer ‘ “Rollback Rate”

Mitchell, the CSC treasurer and a popular lobbyist in Florida,  strongly expressed its stand on the rollback rate of the possible tax increases. (PHOTO: Yahoo News)

Despite the outcry from the public about the possible tax increase, Paul Mitchell, the treasurer of the  Leon County Children’s Services Council (CSC) said that his position is the so-called “rollback rate”, based on the report of

 The Leon CSC opted for the 2024 fiscal year rollback on  its property-tax rate

Mitchell, the CSC treasurer and a popular lobbyist in Florida,  strongly expressed its stand on the rollback rate of the possible tax increases.

Mitchell supported the move for the rolled-back rate by motioning for its approval.

This happened during their meeting last Thursday.

With this move, there is an expected generated rate of $7.63 million in revenue, the same amount as the current fiscal year in Tallahassee.

The CSC cast a 4-0 vote for a rollback to its tax rate from 37.5 cents for every $1,000 of the value of the property assessed to 34.77 cents. (PHOTO: Tallahassee Democrat)

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The Rollback Of Tax Rate

In the CSC meeting last Thursday, Mitchell discussed why recommendations on the tax rate by the council regarding finance and budget committee meeting were not yet decided by the CSC.

Many people attended the meeting and did not favor the decision made on rollback. They reasoned that maintaining the same amount of tax rate this year would lead to an increase due to the increase in property values.

Leonel County CSC did not give final approval on the tax rate unless the September public hearings will be conducted.

CSC also cast a 5-0 vote on the approval of their tentative budget for the fiscal year 2024 which amounted to $9.63 million.

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