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Walmart CEO Announces Anti-Theft Methods Targeting Self-Checkout Thieves

Walmart's goal is to ensure stores are 'the safest place for our customers to shop and for our associates to (Source: The U.S. Sun)

The store’s dark days, according to Walmart Canada President Gonzalo Gebara, are being addressed, starting with an investment in new technology for the self-checkout lanes.

Canada’s Walmart CEO Gonzalo Gebara said he has a mission to stop shoplifting (Source: The U.S. Sun)

Walmart CEO Reveals the Revenue Struggle of the Company

Based on a published report by The U.S. Sun, Walmart CEO forewarned that while employing more than two million people worldwide, the business is struggling with low revenues, thievery, and security issues. Gebara claimed that to address theft, they are improving internal procedures, making technology investments, and collaborating with the Retail Council of Canada. According to Gebara, the company’s security is one of the liabilities of the company.”We’re working with all of our resources to make sure that we just improve the general conditions of safety,” he continued. Even though most shoplifting incidents occur at self-checkout, he claimed that the company had no plans to reduce its usage of them.

Doug McMillon, the CEO of Walmart in the US, talked about the severity of the theft issue in December. Theft is a problem. It is now higher than it has ever been, he said CNBC. Additionally, he issued a warning that if shoplifting continues to rise, prices may rise and businesses may have to close. Shoplifting is “not a victimless crime,” the RCC’s Atlantic director Jim Cormier stressed. Retail employees, who have to deal with blatant thefts occurring within businesses, must deal with this issue, which has significant ramifications.

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Walmart CEO Announces Permanent Closure of Some Walmart Branches

Walmart recently announced several permanent store closures around the US as consumers cut back on spending due to increased pricing and persistent inflation as the so-called retail apocalypse continues. When asked about shop closures in Canada, CEO Gebara responded that he is attempting to lessen the effects.

Mostly because we want to remain here for our clients and staff members and give them secure places to work. In light of the widespread in-store theft, a Walmart employee recently disclosed how the giant retailer works hard to prevent self-checkout theft. She scolded the users of TikTok, asking, “Y’all think we don’t see y’all stealing at self-checkout?”

Then they demonstrated Walmart’s anti-theft device, which employees activate at the self-checkout when they suspect theft. However, users of TikTok have cautioned that some shoplifters are too cunning and will continue to avoid detection. A Canadian Walmart customer recently expressed her intense rage with the store’s self-checkout devices for a variety of reasons.

Sammy described how she can’t scan products because of problems with the barcodes, can’t spend cash, and the machines keep beeping nonstop.

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