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Urgent donations needed for abused dog

Urgent donations needed for abused dog

Urgent donations needed for abused dog

*Sensitive content warning. Please be advised some readers may find the details in this article disturbing.*

Alberta’s Saving Grace Animal Society is asking the public for support after they received a call for a dog who had been attacked with a machete on Tuesday.

Oh My Dog News spoke with Erin Deems, the co-executive director of Saving Grace about the incident.

“We got a call from the RCMP which we often work with and they called stating that there was an animal that was attacked by a machete so we headed out and we picked him up,” she said.

The male dog was suffering from multiple laceration wounds and had lost a lot of blood. But, the team rushed him to an emergency vet clinic and he made it through the night.

“So he’s got hundreds of stitches in and quite a few drains. They kind of put him all back together,” Erin said.

Because of his strength, he was given the name Champ.

“I always carry a pretty high level of hope. We work with a really strong vet team and
I’ve seen dogs come back from some pretty horrific conditions,” Erin said.

And while nobody knows how old or exactly what type of breed Champ is, they do know that he is a very loving dog.

“The vet clinic has fallen so in love with him…they go on and on about how adorable he is, how he won’t walk on the floors cause they scare him so he just army crawls to the closest person and gets up in their lap and he’s been a really good patient.”

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Updates on Champ’s recovery are being posted to Saving Grace Animal Society’s Facebook page.

Veterinarian costs are expected to be in the thousands. To help Champ, you can donate to To request a tax receipt, email

When asked if Saving Grace sees a lot of cases like Champ’s, Erin said, “Unfortunately we are seeing quite a bit whether it’s cruelty or neglect. We do see a lot more of the extreme medical cases.”

“This dog deserves a second chance at life, the chance to just survive and most importantly to know what the love of a human feels like.”

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