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PawSwap Joins Forces with RainCoast Dog Rescue

PawSwap Joins Forces with RainCoast Dog Rescue

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PawSwap Joins Forces with RainCoast Dog Rescue

In support of our continued mission to make the world a better place for dogs, we are excited to announce RainCoast Dog Rescue as PawSwap’s Points For Pups program recipient for March’s donate a meal to a dog in need reward!

How It Works

PawSwap is the app for dog-lovers looking to experience life with their dog by their side. Our app is free to use, and you get 25 points just for registering. You can collect additional points by visiting any location listed on our app.

It’s free for businesses to be listed on our app – and easy for members to suggest their favourite dog-friendly businesses if they aren’t currently on our app. Members can redeem 25 points to donate a meal to a dog in need. There is no limit to the amount of times you can donate your points. Download, register, and visit dog-friendly locations in your neighbourhood to feed dogs in need. It’s a win-win!

RainCoast to the Rescue

RainCoast Dog Rescue works tirelessly with at-risk dogs but they also strongly support advocacy and political change in regards to the current laws and regulations. We love this! One hundred percent non-profit – Jesse and his team put all the donations, adoption fees, and even merchandise sales directly towards rescuing and caring for dogs and trying to change the laws to better support all types of pets.

They focus on advocacy for issues close to their heart (and ours) like more detailed definitions in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, more humane definitions of food, water, and shelter in order to ensure an ethical and humane living situation, and stronger laws around legally seized animals being returned to their abusers.

They work to help educate and raise awareness about animal welfare, and they do this through various partners such as PawSwap and local pet stores. They also utilize social media discussions, podcasts, school education events, and other in-person meetups. RainCoast has a holistic approach to pet care and shares health facts to support owners so they can best care for their dog’s health, body, mind and spirit.

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Running a rescue is hard, tireless, never ending work. PawSwap hopes to help make it a bit easier by feeding dogs in need, and aiming to shine awareness on the tireless efforts of these organizations.

PawSwap and Animal Food Bank hope the ‘Points for Pups’ program encourages both businesses and dog owners to improve the lives of dogs who may otherwise be forgotten.

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