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PawSwap Is Excited To Announce Collaboration with Fur-Ever Able

PawSwap Is Excited To Announce Collaboration with Fur-Ever Able

PawSwap Is Excited To Announce Collaboration with Fur-Ever Able

PawSwap is excited to announce that we have chosen Fur-Ever Able Dog Rescue and Rehab as this month’s recipient for the PawSwap’s Points for Pups initiative.

The ‘Points for Pups’ is a program that allows dog owners to download the free PawSwap app and use it at a variety of dog-friendly businesses. The dog owner collects points that can be redeemed as rewards which can be donated.

Fur-Ever Able is a registered Canadian charitable organization that helps neonatal puppies born with special needs or disabilities. Their goal is to get puppies well enough until they can be medically cleared and adopted into their forever home.

Fur-Ever Able was started in 2020 by Ashley Andrews when she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and had to be hospitalized. As a life-long dog lover, to help her recover, she started watching happy puppy videos on social media. However, she stumbled on one video that caught her attention. It was a puppy with a cleft palate that was scheduled to be euthanized. She couldn’t believe that a perfectly healthy, perfectly able dog would be put to sleep for something as minor as a cleft palate.

“We don’t do it to humans, why would we do it to animals?” Ashley told OMD News. “It was completely unacceptable.”

After confirming with a vet friend that euthanizing dogs for minor disabilities was a common practice, she decided to take action.

Ashley has always been interested in animals and disabilities, having done a 4-year disabilities program at Ryerson University before starting Fur-Ever Able.

She started her organization small but has gradually grown the charity so they now have 9 incubators and nursery capabilities.

She still works full-time as a teacher so any spare time is devoted to the dogs she cares for. Thankfully she has a great support system, including her sister who looks after the puppies while she is at work.

Fur-Ever Able is looking for donations to help buy beds, puppy pads, and medical supplies, including tubes and syringes. They are also in need of money to buy Puppy Protech and puppy milk. She is also looking for a source of unpasteurized goat’s milk. Having high-quality nutrition is really important to the puppies she cares for.

“It really makes a difference on how fast they grow,” Ashley noted.

One sad fact about the work at Fur-Ever Able is they often receive the puppies too late. Often the owners or breeders try to tube feed the puppies themselves and only get Fur-Ever Able’s help when the puppies become extremely sick. By this point, it’s often too late to nurse them back to health. Ashley stresses that if you have a puppy with disabilities or need special attention, get the help of professionals. Don’t wait, as every day is critical. Ashley stresses that there is no judgement and it’s best to surrender the puppy to an organization that knows what they are doing.

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Donate Today

Fur-Ever Able relies 100% on community donations, volunteers and support. Please consider helping them by either donating to them directly or downloading the PawSwap app and registering for the Points for Pups program.

Through the free PawSwap app, dog owners can collect points that can be redeemed for in-app rewards. This month, app members can feed a dog in need by redeeming 20 points.. There is no limit on redemptions so we encourage our app members to visit locations in their neighbourhood often to collect as many points as possible.

This month, we also have the support of Ren’s Pets which began as a small Canadian feed and supply store in 1975. Since then, it’s grown into the best pet specialty store in Eastern Canada with almost 50 years in the business. They now have 38 stores across Eastern Canada and opening new locations regularly Ren’s Pets stores are in the PawSwap app meaning members can collect 25 points with each visit. Shop for your pet, collect points, redeem them for a meal for a dog in need.

Without your continued support, Fur-Ever Able and other charities would not be able to give pups with special needs a second fighting chance. Please download the app and start collecting points today.

You can download the free PawSwap app!

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