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May the 4th be with you: Dog Edition

May the 4th be with you: Dog Edition

May the 4th be with you: Dog Edition

Dog lovers are always looking for special opportunities to celebrate things with their dogs and May Fourth should be no exception! This is a day for Star Wars fans to come together and appreciate the history behind the commemorative but informal day, and for people to find reasons to continue to celebrate the franchise as years go on.

To bring a smile to your face on this amazing day, Oh My Dog News found some of the most popular Star Wars inspired dog names and some adorable pups that dressed up for the parts.

So whether you’re celebrating today by snuggling up and watching the action-packed space opera trilogy, putting on the popular Mandalorian or you’re going to kick your feet up and read a Star Wars comic, we hope you also enjoy this article devoted to dogs and Star Wars Day.

Popular Star Wars Dog Names:

Chewbacca or Chewie – this is an extremely popular dog name, especially for pooches with longer straight fur on their faces who are loving but sometimes fearful.

R2 D2 or ‘Artoo’ – perfect for your pup if he is brave and helpful.

Yoda – a great name option if your pup is small in size, but also very smart.

Boba Fett – a wonderful name idea if your dog likes to hunt and has a rare personality.

Han Solo – if your dog is lovable and cute but also has no problem getting into trouble, Han, Solo or Han Solo are all great choices.

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Leia – if your female pup is fearless and a tad bit stubborn, being named after this princess could be fitting.

Finn – first a Stormtrooper who joined the Rebellion.

Jabba – a powerful name for a fluffy powerful pooch who may be slightly sluggish.

Saber – not all names are based off of characters, this one is named after the lazer sword: lightsaber.

Wookie – similar to the name Chewbacca, wookie is a great name option!

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