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How Spoiled Is Your Dog? QUIZ

How Spoiled Is Your Dog? QUIZ

How spoiled is your four legged best friend? Take our quiz to find out…

How spoiled is your dog quiz

How spoiled is your dog? Take this short quiz to find out how spoiled your four-legged buddy really is!

This quiz is for fun and entertainment purposes only, and is not based on any factual study.

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Your dog gets birthday gifts and a special meal

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2 / 9

Your dog is allowed on the couch

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3 / 9

You sign cards with your dog's name included

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4 / 9

You greet your dog before your partner/spouse

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5 / 9

You have an Instagram or social media account just for your dog

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6 / 9

You'd cancel plans because of your dog

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7 / 9

You won't move if your dog is sleeping/snuggling with you

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8 / 9

Your dog gets gifts during the holidays

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9 / 9

Your dog sleeps in bed with you

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