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Exclusive: Lethbridge Dog Guide Walk

Exclusive: Lethbridge Dog Guide Walk

Exclusive: Lethbridge Dog Guide Walk

The Pet Valu Walk for Dog Guides recently took place in Lethbridge raising thousands of dollars for seven types of guide dogs.

Oh My Dog News spoke with the Lethbridge Walk for Dog Guides co-chair Barry Simmonds about this year’s fundraiser.

According to Barry, the Lions Club has participated in the Guide Dog Walks for nearly 20 years through the Lions Foundation of Canada.

“It’s a service project that we do, to help the blind. That’s why we’re doing it,” he said.

“Now we have seven types of dogs that we train and all these dogs do not cost a person anything.”

The fundraiser has raised nearly $14,000 through online and in-person donations.

While the dogs are free for those who qualify, training them is a different story.

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“Every little bit helps when the cost of the dog is $35,000 to train.”

The seven types of guide dogs include canine vision dogs, hearing assist dogs, seizure response dogs, service dogs, autism assistance dogs, diabetic alert dogs and facility support dogs. Each one of these dogs are unique in the ways they support people who need them.

All donations raised support Canadians with disabilities by providing them a guide dog to help them navigate through life with confidence and independence at no cost.

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