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85% of Taxpayers Warned: Beware of IRS-Targeted Scams and Fraudulent Fake Clean Energy Tax Credit Claims

Beware IRS Warning – Scammers Target Taxpayers with Fake Clean Energy Credits

Avoid Penalties – Verify Eligibility Before Claiming Clean Energy Tax Credits

According to the Black Enterprise, the IRS recently warned taxpayers about a new scam involving fake clean energy tax credits. Scammers are targeting people who have filed Form 1040 by misleading them about eligibility for these credits. IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel said scammers are exploiting the complexity of tax laws to trick people into claiming credits they shouldn’t.

If taxpayers claim these credits improperly, they could face serious consequences. This includes having to pay back the falsely claimed credits along with extra charges like interest and penalties. The credits are actually meant for activities like rental properties, not for most regular taxpayers. The IRS advises people to verify any offers related to tax credits and to seek advice from a trustworthy tax professional before making any claims.

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85% of Taxpayers Warned: Beware of IRS-Targeted Scams and Fraudulent Fake Clean Energy Tax Credit Claims (PHOTO: Black Enterprise)

Stay Alert – IRS Warns of Growing Tax Scams Including Fake Clean Energy Credits

This scam is part of a larger pattern of fraudulent activities aimed at taxpayers, such as phishing scams and misleading phone calls pretending to be from the IRS. Previous scams have involved fake Fuel Tax Credits and misleading advice about trusts. The IRS urges everyone to stay cautious, check information directly on the IRS website, and report any suspicious activities immediately.

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