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10,200+ Vouchers Issued: Minnesota’s ‘Lights On’ Program Revolutionizes Traffic Stops, Fostering Positive Community Relations

The Minnesota Lights On program, supported by state funds and run by Microgrants, allows police to give repair vouchers instead of tickets for broken car lights, improving community relations and helping low-income residents with repairs.

Minnesota’s Lights On Program Provides Repair Vouchers Instead of Tickets, Boosts Community Relations

According to CBS News, in Minnesota, a new program lets police officers give repair vouchers instead of tickets for broken headlights and tail lights. Run by the non-profit Microgrants, the Lights On program works with 130 police departments and auto repair shops to cover repair costs up to $250. Since it started in 2017, over 10,200 vouchers have been given out, helping to improve relations between the police and the community and assisting low-income residents with repairs.

The program, inspired by the tragic traffic stop involving Philando Castile, aims to keep low-income Minnesotans from getting into more financial trouble due to tickets and fines. John Harrington, CEO of Microgrants and a former police chief, said the program has been successful in creating positive interactions between police and the community. A survey showed that 99.2% of people who received a voucher were happy with their experience with the police.

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10,200+ Vouchers Issued: Minnesota’s ‘Lights On’ Program Revolutionizes Traffic Stops, Fostering Positive Community Relations (PHOTO:

Minnesota Legislature Allocates $1.2 Million to Expand Lights On Program Nationwide

This year, the Minnesota Legislature gave $1.2 million to support and grow the Lights On program, which has received support from both political parties. The success of the program has attracted interest from 40 other police agencies in 21 states. Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges praised the program, saying it allows officers to help drivers right away, improving community relations and making the experience rewarding for police officers.

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