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$5 Million and Counting: Missouri Tax Credit Program MOScholars Sees Record Support from Corporate and Individual Donors

Big companies and wealthy donors are significantly supporting Missouri’s MOScholars program, which funds private school tuition through large donations and tax credits.

Missouri’s MOScholars Program Gains Strong Support from Major Donors and Corporations

According to the Missouri Independent, big companies and wealthy people are helping MOScholars, a Missouri program that gives money for private school tuition. UnitedHealth Group Inc. is the biggest donor, giving $2 million in 2023 and promising $3.5 million for 2024. Lamar Hunt Jr. and his wife Rita, and Charter Communications also donated a lot of money to the program.

State Treasurer Vivek Malek said this year’s donations are starting strong, with $5 million already reserved. This is more than last year at this time. MOScholars, which started in 2022, has gotten support from many big donors like Rex and Jeanne Sinquefield, who gave $1 million, and David Steward, who gave $500,000.

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$5 Million and Counting: Missouri Tax Credit Program MOScholars Sees Record Support from Corporate and Individual Donors (PHOTO: Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph)

MOScholars Program Grows Rapidly with Strong Support and Tax Credit Incentives

MOScholars lets people donate to help fund scholarships for private, parochial, and homeschooled students, and they get tax credits in return. The program is growing fast, with 1,301 approved applications for tax credits last year. Many more are expected this year, showing strong support from both individuals and companies.

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