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1,400 Structures Destroyed, 2 Lives Lost: New Mexico’s Disaster Response to Wildfires Includes D-SNAP Support and “531 Visibility Tool” for Public Health

New Mexico is offering Disaster Supplemental Nutritional Program benefits to aid individuals and families affected by recent wildfires and flooding, providing one month of groceries; officials highlight the heightened health risks from wildfires due to the state’s climate conditions.

New Mexico Provides D-SNAP Aid to Wildfire and Flood Victims – Highlighting Health Risks and Preparedness

According to the Public News Service, in New Mexico, people affected by recent wildfires and flooding can get extra help through the Disaster Supplemental Nutritional Program (D-SNAP). This program gives one month of groceries to individuals and families impacted by the South Fork and Salt fires. The fires destroyed over 1,400 buildings, including 500 homes, and caused two deaths, prompting state officials to offer aid starting next Wednesday in Lincoln and Otero counties.

Srikanth Paladugu, from the New Mexico Department of Health, warns that wildfires are worsened by the state’s hot weather and strong winds. During the 2022 Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon fire, there were many more trips to the emergency room due to breathing problems compared to the year before. This shows how important it is for people in fire-prone areas to stay prepared.

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1,400 Structures Destroyed, 2 Lives Lost: New Mexico’s Disaster Response to Wildfires Includes D-SNAP Support and “531 Visibility Tool” for Public Health (PHOTO: Source New Mexico)

New Mexico’s ‘531 Visibility Tool’ Aids Fire Safety Decisions for Outdoor Activities

To help monitor wildfire risks, New Mexico introduced the “531 Visibility Tool.” This tool uses landmarks to measure how far people can see during a fire, helping them decide if they should stay outside or go indoors. It’s useful for event organizers, coaches, and leaders deciding whether to hold events during fires. Paladugu advises young kids, older adults, pregnant women, and those with health problems to limit time outside if they see landmarks five miles away, to protect their health.

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