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Tragedy Unfolds in Columbus: 8-Year-Old Boy Martonio Wilder’s Body Found Wrapped in Garbage Bag, Mother and Girlfriend Charged with Murder!

Tragic Discovery of Martonio Wilder’s Body

Lashanda Wilder and Johnna Lowe Face Serious Charges

According to True Crime Daily, in Columbus, Ohio a heart-wrenching tragedy has shaken the community following the discovery of 8-year-old Martonio Wilder’s body in an attic. The boy had been reported missing by his mother Lashanda Wilder who last saw him around bedtime. Concern quickly escalated when investigators suspected foul play prompting the involvement of the Homicide Unit. Sadly their worst fears were confirmed when Martonio was found deceased in his own home. His body had been wrapped in a garbage bag and placed inside a sleeping bag cover a chilling detail that has left the neighborhood reeling in disbelief.

The medical examiner’s determination of homicide citing deep neck compressions has stunned authorities and the public alike. Lashanda Wilder and her girlfriend Johnna Lowe initially fled but later surrendered to police. They now face serious charges including murder and obstruction of justice. The news has sparked an outpouring of grief among family members and the wider community who struggle to comprehend the senseless loss of Martonio. Described by his extended family as a loving child whose favorite words were “I love you” Martonio’s death has left a void that words cannot fill.

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Tragedy Unfolds in Columbus: 8-Year-Old Boy Martonio Wilder’s Body Found Wrapped in Garbage Bag, Mother and Girlfriend Charged with Murder! (PHOTO:

Community Seeks Answers and Justice for Martonio Wilder

As investigators continue to gather information there are still many unanswered questions about how Martonio Wilder tragically died and why his body was hidden. Reports suggest that Franklin County Family Services had been working with the Wilder family raising concerns about potential signs that may have been missed. The community is now dealing with the profound loss of Martonio and is determined to seek justice. His untimely death has deeply affected those who knew him, leaving them to confront the painful reality of this heartbreaking situation.

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