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Ohio Property Taxes: 60% of Homeowners Struggle to Afford – Auditor Michael Stinziano Advocates for Reform

Michael Stinziano, Franklin County Auditor, advocates for legislative changes in Ohio to ease property tax burdens for homeowners, proposing reforms like expanding the Homestead Exemption and introducing measures such as property tax circuit breakers and a deferral program for those facing financial challenges.

Franklin County Auditor Michael Stinziano Urges Legislative Reforms for Ohio Property Taxes Amid Rising Home Values

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Michael Stinziano, Franklin County Auditor, wants to change Ohio‘s property tax laws to help homeowners struggling with high taxes as property values rise. Many residents in Franklin County find it hard to pay their property taxes under the current rules. Stinziano is asking state lawmakers to update the laws to provide more relief for older and disabled homeowners through options like the Homestead Exemption, which could exempt more home value from taxes and raise the income limit.

Stinziano supports new laws like Senate Bill 244, which would create resident stability zones to protect low-income homeowners from sudden increases in property taxes. He also backs Senate Bill 271, which proposes property tax circuit breakers to give refunds to homeowners whose taxes are too high compared to their income. Stinziano’s “Stinziano solution” includes a program to let homeowners delay paying property taxes temporarily if they can’t afford them right away.

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Ohio Property Taxes: 60% of Homeowners Struggle to Afford – Auditor Michael Stinziano Advocates for Reform (PHOTO: NBC4)

Stinziano Calls on Franklin County Residents to Advocate for Property Tax Reforms

Stinziano can’t make these changes alone—he needs state legislators to pass these laws. He’s encouraging Franklin County residents to contact their lawmakers and support these proposals to make sure they become law. Stinziano believes these reforms are crucial as property values continue to rise, making it harder for homeowners to manage their taxes.

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