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13-Year-Old Boy Killed in 15-Second Police Shooting in Utica, New York: Body Cam Footage Reveals Tragic Confrontation!

Tragic Shooting in Utica: 13-Year-Old Fatally Shot by Police After Foot Chase

Body Cam Footage Released: Incident Sparks Investigations and Community Concern

(According to, in Utica, New York a tragic event unfolded as 13-year-old Nyah Mway was fatally shot by police following a brief foot chase an incident captured on body camera footage released Saturday night. The footage revealed that officers had stopped Nyah and another boy in the 900 block of Shaw Street both fitting descriptions of robbery suspects. As officers began to conduct a weapons check on Nyah he suddenly fled triggering a chase during which officers repeatedly instructed him to halt and drop what they perceived to be a firearm.

During the pursuit officers issued warnings about the presence of a gun. When Nyah turned and appeared to point an object at them he was tackled to the ground. In the ensuing struggle a gunshot was fired prompting officers to step back as they discovered Nyah had been holding a replica Glock pellet gun. The entire sequence from the start of the chase to the fatal shot lasted about 15 seconds. This incident has led to investigations by both the Utica Police Department and the state’s Attorney General’s Office as mandated by state law for officer-involved shootings.

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13-Year-Old Boy Killed in 15-Second Police Shooting in Utica, New York: Body Cam Footage Reveals Tragic Confrontation! (PHOTO: The Independent)

Community Demands Transparency: Officers on Paid Leave After Fatal Shooting of 13-Year-Old

The shooting has caused a strong community outcry and calls for transparency leading to the officers involved being put on paid leave while investigations proceed. Police stated Nyah and his companion were stopped because they matched robbery suspects’ descriptions and for a street violation. As more information comes to light and investigations continue the incident has renewed debates about police use of force particularly in situations involving young people emphasizing the tragic consequences that can arise from such encounters.

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