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Massachusetts’ Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities: 2024 Crime Report Reveals Alarming Figures – 1 in 103 Chance of Violent Crime in Springfield, 3x Higher Crime Rate in Holyoke

Massachusetts Crime Analysis 2024 – Identifying Safety Hotspots

RoadSnacks Report – Key Crime Trends in Massachusetts Cities

According to the article in Southwest Journal, in Massachusetts for 2024, a recent analysis by RoadSnacks has pinpointed cities facing serious safety concerns. Despite Massachusetts leading in arson incidents, it lags in murder and aggravated assault rates compared to other states. However, specific areas within the state require attention due to higher-than-average crime levels.

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Top 5 Most Dangerous Cities


Holyoke tops the list as Massachusetts’ most dangerous city for the third consecutive year. Located near Springfield, Holyoke’s picturesque setting contrasts sharply with its high crime rates. The city sees a crime rate three times higher than the state average, posing significant risks for property crimes. Violent crimes, including a notable murder rate, remain frequent, prompting community efforts to enhance safety measures.


Springfield, famous as the birthplace of Smith & Wesson and Dr. Seuss, faces serious challenges with its highest violent crime rate in Massachusetts. In 2020, Springfield reported 18 murders, contributing to its ranking among the state’s most perilous cities. Residents here face a heightened risk of becoming victims of violent crime, highlighting ongoing safety concerns despite the city’s cultural and industrial heritage.

North Adams

North Adams, nestled in Berkshire County’s scenic landscapes, balances its tourism appeal with crime-related issues. Despite its cultural attractions, the city contends with a significant number of property crimes, particularly burglaries. While violent crime rates are lower compared to larger cities, North Adams reports a concerning number of rape cases, necessitating focused crime prevention efforts and community support.


Worcester, known as the “Heart of the Commonwealth,” grapples with its status as the second-largest city in New England and the fourth most dangerous in Massachusetts. With approximately one murder per month and over 1,100 violent crimes reported in 2020, Worcester faces ongoing challenges in maintaining public safety amid its diverse urban environment. Efforts to address crime rates are ongoing to improve safety across the city.


Hadley, a small town north of Springfield, defies expectations by appearing among Massachusetts’ most dangerous places. Despite its size, Hadley experiences a higher rate of rape cases relative to its population, highlighting the vulnerability of even smaller communities to crime. The town’s efforts to address these challenges underscore broader statewide initiatives aimed at enhancing public safety and community well-being.

Understanding Massachusetts’ Diverse Crime Challenges and Solutions

These insights shed light on Massachusetts’ varied crime landscape, from major cities grappling with violent crime to smaller towns facing property crime issues. Addressing these challenges requires collaborative efforts involving law enforcement, local governments, and community members to ensure safer environments statewide.

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