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Authorities Nab 50-Year-Old Stacy Lee Drake Wanted for 4 Murders, 3 Carjackings, and Multiple Robberies Across 5 States!

Capture of Alabama Fugitive Ends Multi-State Crime Spree

Drake’s Arrest Brings Relief After Series of Violent Incidents

According to True Crime News, authorities have captured 50-year-old Stacy Lee Drake an Alabama man wanted for murder carjacking and robbery in Morrilton, Arkansas. This capture follows a grim discovery on June 18, when deputies from the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office found two dead individuals in a business near State Highway 64 in Oklahoma. The victims showed signs of homicide leading the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) to join the case. They quickly identified Drake as a suspect sparking a multi-state search. His arrest ends a series of violent incidents that have spread fear across several communities for years.

Drake’s extensive criminal activities culminated on June 19 when surveillance footage captured him outside a motel in Morrilton, Arkansas. This sighting indicated that Drake was armed and dangerous triggering a coordinated response from the Arkansas State Police, Morrilton Police, and the Conway County Sheriff’s Office. Despite his efforts to elude capture by acquiring camping gear and seeking refuge in a wooded area, authorities successfully located and detained him on June 20 without incident. Drake’s criminal history is notably extensive featuring convictions for aggravated assault and battery in Arizona and a host of warrants for various offenses across multiple states. His arrest ends his latest series of crimes and ensures he will face justice for his actions.

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Authorities Nab 50-Year-Old Stacy Lee Drake Wanted for 4 Murders, 3 Carjackings, and Multiple Robberies Across 5 States! (PHOTO: The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

Drake’s Arrest Ends Violent Spree and Brings Justice to Victims

The successful capture of Stacy Lee Drake provides much-needed relief to the numerous communities affected by his violent spree. Beyond the recent homicides in Oklahoma Drake is suspected of being responsible for the deaths of three individuals and several carjackings. His past criminal conduct includes an alarming incident in Fort Smith, Arkansas where he broke into a home restrained the residents and stole their money and vehicle. Currently detained at the Conway County Detention Center Drake faces a litany of charges that reflect a long history of violent and lawless behavior. His arrest not only removes a dangerous individual from the streets but also brings a sense of justice to his many victims as he awaits trial for his crimes.

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