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41-Year-Old Plastic Surgeon Arrested for Second-Degree Homicide After Wife’s Death: 2nd Similar Incident in 1 Year

Plastic Surgeon Arrested for Second-Degree Homicide After Wife Dies from Complications During Cosmetic Surgery

Fatal Lidocaine Toxicity – Surgeon Injects Undiluted Lidocaine into Wife During Multiple Procedures

According to the article True Crime News, Dr. Benjamin Brown, a 41-year-old plastic surgeon, was arrested after his wife Hillary Brown, died from complications during multiple cosmetic surgeries he was performing on her. On November 21, 2023, emergency workers found Hillary in cardiac arrest at Restore Plastic Surgery. She was taken to the hospital and put on life support but died a few days later from lidocaine toxicity. Staff at the clinic reported serious mistakes including Hillary taking many pills and preparing her IV bags which ran out during the surgery. Despite her worsening condition, Dr. Brown injected undiluted lidocaine into her arms and face causing fatal seizures.

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41-Year-Old Plastic Surgeon Arrested for Second-Degree Homicide After Wife’s Death: 2nd Similar Incident in 1 Year (PHOTO: WFLA)

Surgeon Faces Second-Degree Homicide Charges After Fatal Mistakes During Wife’s Cosmetic Surgery

Employees said Hillary was worried about her vision and facial swelling during the surgeries, but Dr. Brown kept going. When she started seizing after an injection near her eye, staff suggested calling 911, but Dr. Brown wanted to handle it himself for 10 to 15 minutes before an employee finally called for help. On June 17, 2024, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested Dr. Brown, charging him with second-degree homicide due to his negligence. Investigations showed this wasn’t the first time Dr. Brown had given too much medication to a patient, with a similar incident happening in January 2023.

The Florida Department of Health had already taken action against Dr. Brown before this incident. In May, they restricted his license because he let his unlicensed wife perform laser treatments and had a history of giving patients too much medication. These repeated mistakes and dangerous practices led to Dr. Brown facing serious charges and highlighted major safety issues in his practice.

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