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72-Year-Old Retired Teacher and Pilot Instructor Rex Phelps Faces Up to 8 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Student!

Retired Teacher and Pilot Instructor Pleads No Contest to Sexually Abusing Student

Former Authority Figure Exploited Position of Trust, Faces Up to 8 Years in Prison

(According to True Crime News,) Rex Phelps a 72-year-old retired teacher and pilot instructor has pleaded no contest to charges of accosting a minor and two counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. The disturbing allegations against Phelps are particularly egregious given his previous conviction for engaging in sex acts with a teenage girl mid-flight. The new charges stem from his sexual relationship with the same victim at an airport where he taught her about airplanes according to prosecutors Phelps initiated the sexual relationship while teaching the 15-year-old girl about airplanes at the Ray Community Airport and the inappropriate contact continued multiple times during flying lessons and even while they were on an aircraft. The victim told investigators that Phelps would often take her on flights to destinations such as Frankenmuth where they would engage in inappropriate behavior. The fact that Phelps was a trusted authority figure and a teacher only adds to the severity of his crimes.

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72-Year-Old Retired Teacher and Pilot Instructor Rex Phelps Faces Up to 8 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Student! (PHOTO: ClickOnDetroit)

Sexual Misconduct: A ‘Hallmark of Abuse’ as Victim’s Trust is Betrayed

The investigation into Phelps’ behavior began after he allegedly sent an unintended message to an individual who then contacted law enforcement. The victim told officials that she and Phelps kissed for the first time while he was flying her to Frankenmuth in January 2023 and on one occasion the plane veered off course during the kiss. Phelps also inappropriately touched the girl on multiple occasions including in the airplane hangar and during flights. The victim told investigators that Phelps told her he loved her and instructed her to delete their text messages and “stick to the story.” This level of manipulation and control is a hallmark of abuse and it is clear that Phelps took advantage of his position of power over the victim. The fact that he is facing up to eight years in prison for his crimes is a small comfort to the victim who has been left to deal with the trauma of his actions.

Phelps’ sentencing is set for July 24 but the harm has already been done. The victim will likely need extensive therapy to recover from the trauma. Macomb County Prosecutor Peter Lucido emphasizes that a 15-year-old cannot legally consent to a sexual relationship with an adult and that Phelps’ actions are a severe violation of her rights and trust. The case underscores the importance of protecting children from exploitation and abuse and highlights the need for continued efforts to prevent such crimes.

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