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$390 Settlement: Mercy Health Data Breach Victims Can Claim Compensation for 2020 Incident – Claim It Now!

People affected by a 2020 data breach at Mercy Health can claim up to $390 from a $1.8 million settlement by submitting a claim form by June 10, 2024.

Mercy Health Data Breach – Claim Up to $390 from $1.8 Million Settlement by June 10, 2024

According to the article in The US Sun, people affected by a data breach at Mercy Health can get up to $390 from a $1.8 million settlement. In 2020, a Mercy Health worker looked at patient information without permission. If you got a letter in December 2020 saying this happened to you, you can get money. The basic payment is up to $90, with an extra $300 for costs related to the breach if you have proof.

To get the money, you need to fill out a claim form by June 10, 2024. You can do this on a special website. To get the extra $300, you need to show receipts, bills, or statements that prove you had extra costs because of the data breach. Even though Mercy Health didn’t admit to doing anything wrong, they agreed to pay the settlement to resolve the claims.

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$390 Settlement: Mercy Health Data Breach Victims Can Claim Compensation for 2020 Incident – Claim It Now! (PHOTO: Top Class Actions)

Healthcare Data Breach Settlements – Mercy Health and Planned Parenthood LA Offer Millions in Compensation to Affected Patient

This is similar to other cases where healthcare companies paid for data breaches. For example, Planned Parenthood LA is paying $6 million for a breach that affected over 400,000 patients. These cases show how companies are paying settlements to help people affected by data breaches and avoid more legal trouble.

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