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$27.6 Billion Deficit: Governor Newsom Proposes Public Safety Cuts, Climate Funding Boost in California

(photo: Fortune)

Governor Newsom wants to reduce spending on public safety and put more money into climate initiatives due to a large deficit.

Cuts Public Safety, Boosts Climate Funding in Response to $27.6 Billion Fiscal Deficit

Governor Newsom’s plan to tackle California’s $27.6 billion deficit involves cutting public safety spending including $80 million from Corrections and $15 million from Justice. This money will be redirected to climate-related programs, with $1.7 billion going to the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) and $3.6 billion over five years for transit, clean energy, and zero-emission vehicles. While healthcare and social support will be maintained and there are worries about reduced funding for social services, according to the report of Daily Caller.

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(photo: Los Angeles Times)

California Legislature Opposes Newsom’s Budget Proposals Amid Fiscal Struggles

California lawmakers disagree with Newsom’s plans, pushing for full funding restoration for  like the Middle-Class Scholarship Program and less severe cuts to rehabilitation and family support. Population leaving for states like Florida worsens California’s financial woes, highlighting the need for better money management.

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