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6/17: 3 Crucial Tax Deadlines to Beat Penalties and Maximize Savings – Must Know!

Remembering tax deadlines, especially on June 17, is crucial to avoid penalties and ensure compliance, covering estimated tax payments, filings for U.S. citizens living abroad, and extensions for areas affected by disasters.

Stay On Top of Your Taxes – Key Tax Deadlines to Remember on June 17th

According to the article of Kiplinger, keeping track of tax deadlines is important but can be stressful. Missing them can lead to problems or missed chances to save money. On June 17, there are three important tax deadlines to remember. Firstly, it’s the day for the second payment of estimated taxes. This helps people with untaxed income pay their taxes regularly.

For U.S. citizens residing abroad, June 17 holds particular significance as it marks the extended deadline for filing federal taxes, providing additional time beyond the standard Tax Day. Additionally, if you live in a region impacted by a disaster, such as a hurricane or wildfire, June 17 may also be your deadline to submit your tax returns.

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6/17: 3 Crucial Tax Deadlines to Beat Penalties and Maximize Savings – Must Know! (PHOTO: Forbes)

Maximize Your Tax Preparedness – Essential Tips for Meeting June 17th Tax Deadlines

Furthermore, it’s crucial to stay organized and know about these deadlines. Paying estimated taxes regularly can prevent you from getting penalties. If you’re living abroad, make sure you know what you need to report for your taxes. And if you’re in an area hit by a disaster, take advantage of any extra time the IRS gives you. Understanding and meeting these deadlines can help you manage your taxes better and avoid problems with the IRS.

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