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7,000+ Seniors and Adults with Disabilities in Bexar County Face Medicaid Plan Changes: Community First Health Plans Offers Support and Guidance-Are in Support?

Navigating Changes in Medicaid Health Plans for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

As Medicaid Health Plans Transition, Choosing the Right Provider Becomes Essential

According to the San Antonio Report this fall, seniors and adults with disabilities in Bexar County and nearby areas are encountering significant adjustments in their Medicaid health plan providers. Many individuals who rely on Medicaid’s STAR+PLUS program designed for those in need of specialized medical care and support services are now required to choose a new health plan. This transition arises because several existing health plans are discontinuing their coverage in the Bexar County region, compelling STAR+PLUS members to carefully consider their healthcare options before the deadline on July 1, 2024.

Selecting the right health plan is crucial as each provider offers a distinct network of healthcare professionals, specialists, and additional services tailored to meet the unique needs of STAR+PLUS members. Among the available options, Community First Health Plans emerges as the sole local health plan serving residents of Bexar County and the surrounding seven counties. With nearly thirty years of experience in delivering essential health coverage to South Texas residents, Community First Health Plans is dedicated to bridging gaps in healthcare access by prioritizing member needs and fostering independence through comprehensive and compassionate care.

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7,000+ Seniors and Adults with Disabilities in Bexar County Face Medicaid Plan Changes: Community First Health Plans Offers Support and Guidance-Are in Support? (PHOTO: The San Antonio Observer)

Community First Health Plans: Guiding STAR+PLUS Members Through Healthcare Transitions

During this transitional phase Community First Health Plans is dedicated to supporting STAR+PLUS members by providing assistance, guidance, and essential information to facilitate a seamless transition to new health plans. With a steadfast commitment to enhancing member well-being and satisfaction, Community First Health Plans offers an array of value-added services including in-home respite care, rewards programs, diabetes prevention, and weight loss initiatives among others. As STAR+PLUS members navigate through this change they are encouraged to stay informed stay updated on any developments, and seek guidance from Community First Health Plans to make informed choices about their healthcare coverage and related benefits.

As STAR+PLUS members switch to new health plans it’s crucial to acknowledge the possible challenges they might face. Community First Health Plans understands this and is committed to helping members through the process. They offer in-person help support in multiple languages, and lots of helpful resources to ease any worries or confusion. It’s important for members doctors, and Community First Health Plans to keep talking and working together during this change to make sure everyone gets the care they need without interruption.

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