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$5 Billion Gap: Pennsylvania’s Historic School Funding Reform Bill on the Brink of Approval – But Will GOP-Led Senate Block Progress?

Pennsylvania is thinking about changing how it gives money to public schools. Democrat Mike Sturla wants to add $728 million each year for seven years to fix a big money gap, but Republicans are worried about how it handles school funding for cyber charter schools and how students’ success is measured.

Controversy Brews Over Pennsylvania’s Proposed Education School Funding Overhaul

According to the article by Audacy, Pennsylvania is getting ready to change how it gives school funding to public schools. A Democrat named Mike Sturla is leading this effort. He says it’s important because a court said the way they give school funding money now is not fair. Sturla’s plan would add $728 million every year for seven years to help fix a $5-billion gap and make sure schools have what they need to help students do better.

But not everyone agrees with Sturla’s plan. Some Republicans are against it. They worry about how the plan would handle school funding for online charter schools and how it measures student success. They say it’s not fair because it doesn’t treat all schools the same way. They might not vote for the plan when it comes up for a final decision on Monday.

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$5 Billion Gap: Pennsylvania’s Historic School Funding Reform Bill on the Brink of Approval – But Will GOP-Led Senate Block Progress? (PHOTO: CBS 21)

Eyes on Pennsylvania State House as Education School Funding Bill Faces Uncertain Future

Furthermore, the vote in the state House will show how much support Sturla‘s plan has. Even if it passes there, it still has to go through the state Senate, where Republicans have more power. So, it’s unclear if the plan will become law. People who care about education in Pennsylvania are watching closely to see what happens next.

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