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Governor Pritzker Approves $53.1 Billion Budget with Tax Increases and Business Measures, Signs Bills for Healthcare Access

(photo: Courthouse News Service)

Governor Pritzker approved a $53.1 billion budget with tax increases, signed bills for healthcare access.

Governor J.B. Pritzker Approves $53.1 Billion Budget with Tax Increases and Business Measures

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has approved a record-breaking $53.1 billion budget, accompanied by a $750 million tax increase to cover expenses. This includes allowing schools to raise taxes and increasing state debt by $8 billion, according to the report of The Center Square.

Pritzker also signed a tax measure capping business credits and reevaluating retailer discounts. Critics worry about the impact on local businesses, but Pritzker defends the move, saying it’s about fairness.

There’s debate over a provision raising taxes on video gaming terminals. Pritzker remains firm, focusing on equitable tax distribution.

Despite concerns, Pritzker is optimistic about banning fees on tax transactions. The revenue package includes credits for hiring local journalists and supporting musicians.

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(photo: The Pantagraph)

Governor J.B. Pritzker Signs Bills Expanding Healthcare Access and Raising Concerns Over Property Tax Transparency

Another bill signed increases state debt and lets school boards raise property taxes without a referendum, raising concerns about transparency.

Pritzker also signed a Medicaid bill allowing pharmacists to conduct tests for flu, HIV, and COVID-19 expanding healthcare access.

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