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4 Million Workers to Benefit from $1.5 Billion in Overtime Pay: GOP Pushes Back Against Labor Department’s Proposed Rule – Check It Out!

Republican Lawmakers Push Back Against New Labor Department Overtime Rule, Citing Concerns for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

Republicans Block New Overtime Pay Rule for Millions of Workers

According to the article of Huff Post, Republican lawmakers are trying to stop a new Labor Department rule that would give overtime pay to more salaried workers. The rule, starting soon, would raise the salary limit for getting overtime pay from $35,568 to $58,656 a year. This change would help about 4 million more workers get extra pay when they work over 40 hours a week. GOP members filed a resolution to stop this rule, saying it would hurt small businesses and nonprofits, leading to layoffs and higher prices.

In the House, Rep. Tim Walberg and 40 other Republicans are leading the effort against the rule. Sen. Mike Braun is pushing the same resolution in the Senate. They believe that business owners, not the government, should decide about overtime pay. They worry that paying more for overtime would make businesses cut jobs or change salaried jobs to hourly ones. Even though they are trying to block the rule, it probably won’t pass because President Biden can veto it.

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4 Million Workers to Benefit from $1.5 Billion in Overtime Pay: GOP Pushes Back Against Labor Department’s Proposed Rule – Check It Out! (PHOTO: Yahoo News NZ)

New Overtime Pay Rule Could Boost Workers’ Income by $1.5 Billion, Aiding Women and Minorities

Furthermore, people who support the rule say it’s important to make sure workers get fair pay for long hours. They argue that this rule would give workers $1.5 billion more every year, mostly helping women and people of color who often work for low pay. The debate highlights the big political differences over how to handle worker rights and pay, especially during an election year.

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