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13 Million Children Left Behind: 13 States Opt Out of Summer EBT Program – Leaving a Food Assistance Gap!

Thirteen states led by Republican governors have opted out of a federal summer grocery benefits program for low-income families, leaving millions of children without extra food assistance during the summer.

Thirteen States Opt Out of Summer Food Program for Low-Income Families

According to the article in the New Republic, thirteen states, all led by Republican governors, decided not to join a federal program that helps low-income families buy groceries in the summer when their kids don’t get free school lunches. This program, called Summer EBT, gives families $40 per child each month during summer. While 37 states and some territories are participating, states like Florida, Texas, and Iowa opted out, saying it was too hard to manage or didn’t fit their policies.

Critics say not joining the program leaves millions of kids without extra food help during the summer, a time when many families struggle to feed their children. In states like Oklahoma, only a small number of kids join state-run summer meal programs, so Summer EBT could really help. Even in these states, some Native tribes are still providing the benefits to children in their areas, but this leads to uneven coverage.

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13 Million Children Left Behind: 13 States Opt Out of Summer EBT Program – Leaving a Food Assistance Gap! (PHOTO: Youth Today)

Charities and Food Banks Struggle as 13 States Opt Out of Summer Grocery Benefits Program

Furthermore, because these states opted out, charities and food banks now have to try harder to help families. For example, in Houston, food banks are having a tough time giving enough food to all the kids who need it. They say it would be easier if families could just buy the food themselves with the Summer EBT benefits. There is hope that more states might join the program next year if they solve their current problems.

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