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8-Year-Old Hunter Hawa’s Fatal Exposure to Fentanyl and Cocaine in Drug-Ridden Home Claims His Life; Parents Face Third-Degree Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter Charges!

Child’s Fatal Drug Exposure: 8-Year-Old Found in Cardiac Arrest Amidst Drug Paraphernalia

Prolonged Fentanyl Exposure: Parents’ Drug Use and Neglect Leads to Charges in Son’s Death

According to True Crime News in Chester County, Pennsylvania, a heart-wrenching event took place almost a year ago that led to the death of 8-year-old Hunter Hawa. On July 26, 2023, Coatesville Police were called to a home where Hunter was found unresponsive and in cardiac arrest surrounded by drug paraphernalia. The boy’s parents Holly Back, aged 40, and Mousa Hawa aged 41 were present with Hawa performing CPR on their son as police arrived. Despite the immediate efforts of medical personnel Hunter was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. The home was discovered to be littered with used heroin baggies and drug residue indicating a dangerous and neglected environment. Despite these conditions the parents initially denied using drugs misleading first responders and complicating the emergency treatment.

Upon further investigation the situation grew more alarming. Hunter’s blood and urine samples tested positive for fentanyl and cocaine suggesting he had been exposed to these drugs over some time not just on the day of his death. Cellphone messages between the parents in July 2023 revealed discussions about drug use in the presence of their son. Hawa referred to the drugs as “daddy’s medicine” a term Hunter recognized but which tragically contributed to his fatal exposure. Hair samples indicated that Hunter had been in contact with fentanyl well before July 26, showing a prolonged exposure that heightened the danger to his life in his own home.

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8-Year-Old Hunter Hawa’s Fatal Exposure to Fentanyl and Cocaine in Drug-Ridden Home Claims His Life; Parents Face Third-Degree Murder and Involuntary Manslaughter Charges! (PHOTO: People)

Parents Charged After Deadly Neglect: Fatal Fentanyl Exposure of 8-Year-Old Leads to Arrests

The tragic neglect and dangerous environment created by Hunter’s parents culminated in their arrests on June 4, 2024. They now face serious charges including third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. Chester County District Attorney Chris de Barrena-Sarobe denounced the parents’ complete failure to protect their child pointing out that they prioritized their access to drugs over their son’s health and safety. The DA emphasized that leaving deadly fentanyl within Hunter’s reach was a severe and preventable act of negligence leading to a tragedy that could have been avoided if his parents had upheld their fundamental duty to safeguard their child.

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