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11th Most Dangerous State in the US: 7 Deadly Cities in Michigan, 6 along I-94, with Crime Rates Soaring 34% in 3 Years (2021-2023)

Michigan’s Most Dangerous Cities in 2024: Six Located Near I-94

PropertyClub Ranks Michigan 11th in U.S. for Rising Crime Rates from 2021-2023

According to the article of WITL, a new study has found the seven most dangerous cities in Michigan for 2024, with six of them close to Interstate 94. This shows a worrying rise in crime along this highway. According to PropertyClub, Michigan is the 11th most dangerous state in the U.S., with more property and violent crimes from 2021 to 2023. Cities like Detroit, Benton Harbor, and Flint, all near I-94, are among the worst for crime, highlighting the urgent need for better safety in these areas.

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Jackson, Michigan

Jackson, Michigan is ranked the 7th-most dangerous city in the state. According to PropertyClub, people living in Jackson have a 1-in-84 chance of being a victim of violent crime like assault or murder and a 1-in-31 chance of being affected by property crime.

Highland Park, Michigan

Highland Park, just north of Detroit, is the 6th-most dangerous city in Michigan. PropertyClub says that in this rundown city, residents have a 1-in-23 chance of being a victim of some kind of crime, showing a big need for better safety and city improvements.

Albion, Michigan

Albion is a small city with a high crime rate, making it the 5th-most dangerous city in Michigan. PropertyClub reports that Albion’s violent crime rate is 196% higher than the national average, which means this small community faces serious crime problems.

Muskegon Heights, Michigan

Muskegon Heights, not on I-94 like the others, is the 4th-most dangerous city in Michigan. According to PropertyClub, people here have a 1-in-19 chance of being a crime victim, especially from property crimes like vandalism or break-ins, highlighting a need for better security.

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kalamazoo ranks as the 3rd-most dangerous city in Michigan. PropertyClub says residents have a 1-in-17 chance of being affected by crime. High unemployment and poverty are part of why crime rates are so high here.

Benton Harbor, Michigan

Benton Harbor, located along I-94, is the 2nd-most dangerous city in Michigan. According to PropertyClub, residents face a 1-in-29 chance of becoming victims of violent crime, making safety a major concern in this community.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the most dangerous city in Michigan, says PropertyClub. With a crime rate 170% higher than the national average, Detroit’s problems with gun violence and gangs make it a very risky place to live.

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