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$2.5 Trillion Green Energy Efforts Fall Short: Biden Administration Faces Criticism Amidst Lackluster Results – Check It Now!

Even though the government has spent a lot on green energy, like electric cars, people are still using lots of fossil fuels, and critics say the government isn’t doing enough to make a difference.

Biden’s Green Energy Plans Criticized for Lack of Progress

According to the article in The New York Sun, even though the Biden administration has spent a lot of money on green energy, like electric cars and solar power, people are still using a lot of fossil fuels. Many Americans are not buying electric cars, despite government help, and wind and solar energy make up less than 10% of our energy.

The government promised to build lots of electric car charging stations, but they’ve only built a few. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg didn’t give clear answers when asked about the slow progress. Some people are worried about where all the taxpayer money is going and if we’ll ever see results.

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$2.5 Trillion Green Energy Efforts Fall Short: Biden Administration Faces Criticism Amidst Lackluster Results – Check It Now! (PHOTO: The New York Times)

Critics Urge Government to Let Businesses Build EV Chargers – Citing Concerns Over Mismanagement

Furthermore, critics say the government should let businesses handle things like building electric car chargers, like how gas stations were built without government help in the past. They question if the government is capable of managing big projects like this and if our money is being wasted.

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