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$125 Billion-Dollar Budget: Illinois Passes Historic Spending Plan Amidst Controversy – $53.1 Billion from State Funds and $5.2 Billion in Increased Taxes

Illinois has approved its largest-ever billion-dollar budget at $125 billion, which raises state spending and taxes, and includes funds for non-citizens, sparking debate over its costs and impact.

Illinois Approves Record $125 Billion-Dollar Budget Amid Debates

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, Illinois has passed its largest-ever billion-dollar budget, totaling $125 billion, which Governor J.B. Pritzker signed into law on Wednesday. This billion-dollar budget includes $53.1 billion in state funds and more from federal and other sources, marking a 32% increase since Pritzker took office in 2019. Pritzker highlighted that the billion-dollar budget focuses on key areas like education, healthcare, housing, and childcare, and sets aside about $970 million for non-citizen migrants.

The billion-dollar budget faced strong criticism from both Republicans and some Democrats. Senate Minority Leader John Curran, a Republican, argued that the billion-dollar budget misused taxpayer money by funding welfare for non-citizens and accused Governor Pritzker of failing to address border security issues. Some Democrats, like State Rep. Fred Crespo and Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza, also wanted to cut spending and proposed hiring freezes and saving measures, which they said were ignored.

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$125 Billion-Dollar Budget: Illinois Passes Historic Spending Plan Amidst Controversy – $53.1 Billion from State Funds and $5.2 Billion in Increased Taxes (PHOTO: CBS News)

Illinois Tax Hikes Since Pritzker’s Term Total $6 Billion –  Driving Residents and Businesses Away

Furthermore, Illinois taxpayers have seen rising costs due to increased taxes over recent years. Since Pritzker‘s first term, they’ve faced over $5.2 billion in new taxes, and this billion-dollar budget adds another $750 million, including higher gas taxes. Critics warn that these tax increases are driving people and businesses away from Illinois, making it harder to live and work in the state. They argue that lawmakers should focus on lowering taxes instead of raising them to prevent further population loss and economic strain.

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