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Tackling Maryland’s $35.9 Billion Student Loan Debt: Baltimore’s Student Debt Crisis Center Provides Relief and Education

(photo: The Baltimore Banner)

Baltimore’s Student Debt Crisis Center helps Marylanders like Clara Hernandez manage their student loan debt.

Baltimore’s Student Debt Crisis Center Offers Relief Options and Education for Marylanders

Baltimore is tackling the issue of student loan debt head-on with the creation of a Student Debt Crisis Center. They recently hosted an event where Marylanders could learn about their loan options particularly ways to lower or consolidate payments. For students like Clara Hernandez, who attends the University of Baltimore and these sessions offer clarity on managing the looming burden of post-graduation loan repayments, according to the report of CBS News.

Spencer Dixon, a senior policy advisor with the Student Debt Crisis Center, emphasizes that federal student loan borrowers can sign up for income-driven repayment plans. Dixon stresses the importance of educating borrowers about available relief options including the “Save Plan” introduced by the Biden administration which has already benefited millions of people.

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(photo: Baltimore Sun)

Addressing the Student Loan Crisis in Maryland

Student loan debt in the US is over $1.7 trillion, and Marylanders hold about $35.9 billion, ranking 13th nationally. Hernandez and others are looking for ways to manage their debt before consolidation deadlines. The Student Debt Crisis Center is helping by advocating for policy changes and offering guidance to borrowers like Clara Hernandez to ease their financial strain.

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