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Most Deadly Jobs in the United States: Fatal Work-Related Injuries – Must Know!

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The most deadly jobs in the US are logging, oil rig work, roofing, flying, and firefighting.

Most Deadly Jobs in the United States Revealed

According to a report, 5,190 people lost their lives in the US due to work-related injuries highlighting the importance of workplace safety, according to the report of Geek for Geeks.

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The Most Deadly Job in the United States

Logging Workers

Loggers are the most at-risk profession in the country, with a fatal injury rate of 111 per 100,000 workers. They are 33 times more likely to die on the job than the average worker. Heavy machinery and equipment accidents are the leading cause of fatalities, making this job extremely dangerous and deadly.

Derrick Operators

Derrick operators in oil, gas, and mining industries have a fatal injury rate of 46 per 100,000 workers, ranking second on the list. They are at risk due to their work involving building and maintaining drilling equipment which makes them vulnerable to accidents related to transportation and equipment failures.


Roofers take third place on the list with a fatal injury rate of 41 per 100,000 workers. These workers are at risk of falling from ladders or roofs.

Aircraft Pilots and Firefighting Supervisors

Aircraft pilots and firefighting supervisors also made it to the list of most dangerous jobs in the US. While their work is crucial, they are also at risk of fatal accidents including transportation incidents and exposure to harmful substances.

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Every worker has the right to a safe workplace. Employers must prioritize safety, and employees must take precautions to prevent accidents. If injured on the job, seek medical attention and consider filing a workers’ compensation claim.

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