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$45 Billion Budget Deficit: California’s Homeless Assistance Program Faces $260 Million Cuts Amid Ongoing Crisis – Check It Now!

California has a big money problem, and Governor Gavin Newsom wants to cut $260 million from a homeless assistance program that helps homeless people, even though local leaders disagree. Instead, Newsom plans to use $6.4 billion from another fund to help homeless and mentally ill people, while city mayors want to keep the current program because it works well.

California Faces Budget Shortfall as Governor Proposes Cuts to Homeless Assistance Program

According to the published article in Sacramento Bee, California is facing a $45 billion budget shortfall, and Governor Gavin Newsom’s new budget suggests cutting $260 million from the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program (HHAP). This homeless assistance currently gives $1 billion in flexible grants to cities and counties to fight homelessness. Local leaders, like San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, are worried that reducing HHAP funding will undo progress and lead to more people becoming homeless and shelters closing.

Newsom prioritizes tackling homelessness and mental health with nearly $6.4 billion from Prop. 1. $3 billion will swiftly go towards building or upgrading mental health facilities and housing for the chronically homeless, aligning with the CARE Act’s goals.

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$45 Billion Budget Deficit: California’s Homeless Assistance Program Faces $260 Million Cuts Amid Ongoing Crisis – Check It Now! (PHOTO: inkl)

Big City Mayors Urge Lawmakers to Preserve HHAP Funding Amidst Budget Review

Furthermore, the Big City Mayors coalition is asking lawmakers and the governor to keep HHAP funding, highlighting a state report that shows the homeless assistance’s success. The report says HHAP has helped up to 130,000 homeless Californians each year, playing a big role in reducing homelessness. The Legislature needs to approve the budget by June 15, and the governor will have 12 days to act on it. This decision will shape the future of HHAP funding and how the state addresses its homelessness crisis.

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