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2 Years After Double Homicide, Community Still Reeling from Brutal Murders of Councilman James Dewitt and Wife Gloria!

Community Still Mourning Nearly Two Years After Dewitt Tragedy

Legal Proceedings for Matthew Dewitt on Hold Amid Mental Evaluations

According to WIS10 nearly two years after the tragic deaths of Atlantic Beach Councilman James Dewitt and his wife Gloria Dewitt the quiet neighborhood of Northeast Columbia, South Carolina, is still dealing with the shocking event. The couple both 52, were found shot to death in their family home on Greensprings Drive in 2022. Their 27-year-old son, Matthew Dewitt is now facing murder charges for their deaths and the death of another family member, 52-year-old Natasha Stevens who was found dead in Horry County three hours before the Dewitts were found.

Even after all this time, the community is still affected by the brutal killings. Neighbors often remember the couple with sadness and fondness as the pain from the tragedy has not faded. Every time you ride by that house you feel something. You can’t forget it because they were well-loved by our neighbors, said Sylvia Roseborough. This shows how much the Dewitts meant to their neighbors and how deeply the loss is felt. The case against Matthew Dewitt is still not resolved as he is undergoing mental evaluations. His first court appearance was in Horry County but the legal process is on hold until his assessments are complete. The fact that there is no known motive adds to the community’s distress as they are still looking for answers and closure from this heartbreaking event.

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2 Years After Double Homicide, Community Still Reeling from Brutal Murders of Councilman James Dewitt and Wife Gloria! (PHOTO: Fox News)

Community Honors Dewitts’ Memory Amid Ongoing Legal Uncertainty

Despite the ongoing legal proceedings Matthew Dewitt’s fate remains uncertain further complicating the community’s grief and search for answers. Friends and family of the Dewitts continue to gather supporting one another while sharing memories of James and Gloria hoping to find some semblance of peace. Meanwhile, the neighborhood remains vigilant, keeping the couple’s memory alive through small acts of remembrance such as maintaining the garden they loved or placing flowers at the site. This collective effort underscores the community’s resilience and determination to honor the Dewitts’ legacy amidst their profound loss.

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