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Deborah Ogarro Kelly’s Testimony on Washington DC’s CashRx Program | Alleviating Medical Costs and Advocating for Basic Income

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Deborah Ogarro Kelly benefits from Washington DC’s CashRx program.

The Impact of CashRx Program in Washington DC

Deborah Ogarro Kelly relies on a guaranteed basic income program in Washington DC to cover medical bills while caring for her husband. Despite their fixed income and disability benefits and they struggle to meet expenses, highlighting the need for stability, according to the report of Business Insider.

Basic income programs, like the one Kelly participates in, empower recipients to make spending choices. Shafeka Hashash from the Economic Security Project emphasizes its role in reducing barriers and allowing families to prioritize their needs.

Administered by Bread for The City, the CashRx program targets low-income residents to alleviate economic instability. Funded by grants and foundations, it aims to improve health outcomes by addressing financial challenges.

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Deborah Ogarro Kelly Advocates for Basic Income

Kelly’s choice of $1,400 monthly underlines the program’s impact on offsetting medical costs. Bread for the City prioritizes improving health outcomes and stability, as outlined in their program reports.

Despite basic income, Kelly worries about rent, healthcare, and groceries. Participant testimonials highlight its positive effects on mental health and stability.

Kelly advocates for basic income, emphasizing its role in providing assistance and stability to those in need. She stresses the importance of offering people a chance to meet their basic needs amidst legislative opposition.

In conclusion, Deborah Ogarro Kelly’s experience underscores the challenges faced by low-income families and the potential of basic income to provide relief. Systemic support and understanding remain crucial in addressing poverty and healthcare accessibility.

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