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12 States Opt-Out, But 1 in 5 Americans to Benefit from IRS’s Permanent Direct File Program – Saving Time and Money!

The IRS’s Direct File program, offering free online tax filing, proved popular in its trial, now becoming a permanent option nationwide, though some states may opt out, sparking debate over its pros and cons.

IRS Direct File Program Made Permanent Nationwide for 2025 Tax Season – Simplifying Tax Filing for Many

According to the published article of The Latin Times, the IRS’s Direct File program, which lets people file taxes online for free, started as a trial this year and was liked by many. Now, the Treasury Department says it will stay for good, available across all states and Washington D.C. for the 2025 tax season. It’s especially helpful for people with simple tax situations, like those with W2s or Social Security income, who don’t need a lot of extra forms.

The idea is to save people time and money and make sure they get all the tax benefits they’re supposed to. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said President Biden is really focused on this. Even though a lot of people like it, not all states have to offer it. Some states are not interested because they think it’s not useful, but many users say they like it a lot.

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12 States Opt-Out, But 1 in 5 Americans to Benefit from IRS’s Permanent Direct File Program – Saving Time and Money! (PHOTO: Axios)

Debate Surrounds IRS Direct File Program – Critics Concerned About IRS Power, Supporters Laud Simplified Tax Filing

Furthermore, Some people don’t like this decision. They worry it gives the IRS too much power and will cause problems for taxpayers. They think it’s not needed and will just make things harder for everyone. But supporters say it’s a good move that will help many people and make filing taxes easier.

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